Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall Style Ideas for Dog Moms

Now that the temperature is dropping, I find myself cozying up on the couch more often. I put on a fuzzy sweatshirt, jammie pants, and thick socks, then invite one or more of the dogs up to cuddle under a blanket.

You can wear any old sweater that you find in your closet, but why not show off your dog mom (or dad) style - even if it's just for your dog?

I have had this Dog Hair, Don't Care t-shirt forever. It is super soft and cozy. Great for layering under a hoodie. I bought it from Treat Dreams Dog Bakery. I know she doesn't carry this exact one anymore, but she has so many other cool designs that you'll be hard-pressed to buy just one. And maybe if we all beg hard enough she'll bring this one back. Plus 10% of her profits go to animal charities, so it's win-win.

Dog Hair Don't Care T Shirt Treat Dreams

But a t-shirt isn't always going to cut it. When its a little colder I'd suggest this rescue dog hoodie - sporty, perfect for lounging, and states your passion for the underdog.

Rescue Dog Mom hoodie

I'll confess, I wear fuzzy socks at home all the time - not just when I'm lounging. There's something about having warm feet that makes everything else just a little bit better. These "dog mom" socks are adorable and available on Etsy. And since the writing is on the bottom, you can wear them anywhere - even on runs to the grocery store, walks in the neighbourhood, and other fancy places. :-)

Dog Mom Grey Work Socks

I love to wear leggings in my down-time. I have so many pairs that they have their own dresser drawer. No lie. These dog paw print leggings are big and bold, and I'm pretty sure they're going to be joining the others in my drawer soon. If you like a more subtle print, try these, or maybe these breed-specific ones? These are also great (I have them too!)

Dog Paw Bone Woof Leggings

And of course it wouldn't be a round-up if there wasn't at least one "I have plans with my dog" shirt in the mix. This sweatshirt is from Amazon, but there is also this one from Etsy.

Sorry I Have Plans With My Dog Sweatshirt

Other cool weather (outdoor) items for the dog mom:

Sorel "Out n About" Pull On Boots - great for wet or muddy days

Imily Bela Quilted Fleece Vest - I love this switch-up from the usual nylon "puffer"

Lock and Love Olive Green Cargo Jacket - lots of pockets for treats, bags - and it has a hood!

Tomily Touchscreen Windproof Gloves - my hands always get cold first

But what about for your furry friend? They want to be comfortable too. We have two dogs from Antigua and they aren't used to our cold Canadian weather, even after a year. Scarlett especially gets very excited when it's time to put her hoodie on.

My favourite right now is a sweater with a hand knit look. This dog sweater in a Fair Isle pattern is adorable - and comes in large sizes!

Grey Fair Isle Knit Dog Sweater

Fleece is a great option when the weather is still changing. This fleece sweater from Gooby comes in over a dozen colours and even has a loop at the back of the neck to attach a leash.

Gooby Fleece Dog Sweater

There you have it - some ideas for hunkering down at home, or for wandering around the block with your best pal. Keep warm, everyone!

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