Monday, October 21, 2019

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Are you ready for Halloween? I don't mean carving the pumpkin. Or decorating your porch. Or even buying the candy (even though that's pretty important). I'm talking about your dog's costume!

halloween costume ideas for your dog

Do you dress up your dogs? Do they like it? Mine have mixed reactions - Chloe tolerates it and Sasha loves it. Last year was the little dogs' first Halloween so they were a little confused.

Here are a few of our most memorable costumes from Halloweens past, as well as some dog costume ideas you may not have considered.

My number one favourite of all time is Chloe as The Poop Factory.

poop factory dog costume
poop factory dog costume

We made this costume by hand for an online DIY party and I'm so proud of it. I especially love the smokestacks with cotton "smoke" coming out the top. She wore this for a couple of years, until the Halloween that it rained and the factory fell apart on the way to the neighbour's house.

Another popular one in our house is the bumble bee dog costume. It's a child's costume made of thick felt so it's lasted quite a while.

bumble bee dog costume

In fact, last year all four of the dogs had a chance to wear it. They look thrilled, don't they?

bumble bee dog costume

I think Zac looks like a devil in it. Maybe he's a killer bee.

bumble bee dog costume

Sometimes all you need is a sheriff's hat to change your whole attitude. I'm not sure if she thinks she's the horse or the cowboy. She looks like she takes her job pretty seriously though.

sheriff dog costume

If you have a smaller dog the options are endless. Why, why aren't there more costumes for big dogs? Big dogs like to get dolled up too.

This Beetlejuice dog costume is just everything. I think Scarlett would rock this look.

And if I saw a dog in this teddy bear costume walking towards me I wouldn't be able to handle it. It's just too cute.

I've been wanting to buy this lion's mane wig for Chloe for years. I think ever since I saw that Amazon commercial where the baby is afraid of the dog, until the owner buys him the wig. Do you remember that one? It still makes me cry.

This Bantha dog costume just blows my mind. There's also an ewok, R2-D2, or an AT-AT.

And this is not a dog costume but I just had to share it. Who doesn't love a guinea pig dressed as a mermaid?

What are your favourite costumes? Do you do something new each year?

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