Monday, October 14, 2019

Doggy Dinner Art (Gallery Wall)

We all like something interesting to look at while we're eating. That's probably why so many of us eat in front of the television. Dogs are no exception. (This is all my non-scientific opinion.)

Our dogs eat at these feeding stations that we built for them. Note: if you're interested in building these plumbing pipe dog feeders yourself, or if you want to see more photos, click on this link.

plumbing pipe dog feeders

At first we were happy to just let them stare at the wall (or more likely at their bowls - gotta keep track of that food!)

But after a few months, I thought I should pretty up the area, so I added a print over each set of bowls - Chloe and Zac got "Home is where the dog is"; Sasha and Scarlett got "Life is better with a dog".

plumbing pipe dog feeders gallery wall

Don't you love how the dog in the "Home is..." sign actually looks like Zac at the window?

home is where the dog is

This past week I was off work on a stay-cation - working on DIY projects around the house - and I decided to give their eating area another revamp. Who doesn't like a change? After all, just moving your furniture around in a room can make it feel like a whole new space.

plumbing pipe dog feeders gallery wall

I printed out smiling photos of each dog, framed them in identical frames, and hung them above their dishes - two on each side. This will probably help our dog-sitter remember who eats where more than anything.

But I think I did it mostly for me. I love catching a glimpse of their sweet faces when I walk through the room.

plumbing pipe dog feeders gallery wall
plumbing pipe dog feeders gallery wall

And if it helps them to remember where their food is? Even better.

plumbing pipe dog feeders gallery wall

Do you decorate your pet's eating area?