Friday, November 1, 2019

Dogs in Costumes - Halloween Edition 2019

It's Friday, and that usually means it's time to feature another one of the dogs. But since last night was Halloween, I HAVE to show off their costumes. I'm really proud of them this year.

It was tough getting a group shot, but I don't think it turned out too bad.

halloween bumblebee ether bunny fairy princess rottweiler potcake mastiff

And this out-take is so them.

halloween bumblebee ether bunny fairy princess rottweiler potcake mastiff

First up we have Sasha dressed as a dog. Yes, she already is a dog - but not a dog with white floppy ears and a tail. What a good girl.

sasha rottweiler dog costume

Then there's Scarlett, the fairy princess. This suits her so well because she's a delicate little thing. She hates having her picture taken, so getting a good shot was tough. But she loves cookies as much as she hates pictures, so we were able to fool her.

scarlett potcake fairy princess dog costume

Zac is our killer bee this year. Someone had to be (bee!!) and he drew the short straw. He's more of a hornet than a bumblebee since he's so skinny. I think he's turning into quite the model. It's probably why he has his own Instagram account.

zac potcake bumblebee dog costume

And the Halloween winner. Chloe dressed as The Ether Bunny this year. Get it? Get it? The Ether Bunny. I'm just in love with this costume. And she's so good about posing. With or without the mask - I can't choose.

chloe ether bunny dog costume

chloe ether bunny dog costume

I hope you all had a terrific Halloween. We sure did. Well, the humans did - I'm not sure about the dogs. But they did get an awful lots of cookies so they aren't heartbroken that they didn't get to trick or treat.

And before I go, here's a shout-out to my assistant and head dog-wrangler - he kept his patience when I was losing mine.

scarlett potcake

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