Monday, November 25, 2019

Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Do you listen to podcasts?

I have about five different ones in rotation that I listen to while I'm running or when I'm cleaning the house. Things like Stuff You Should Know - information/history/trivia on a multitude of topics, Oh No Ross and Carrie - the hosts join religions, undergo alternative treatments, and seek out the paranormal to find the truth, and The Minds of Madness - a true crime podcast.

But my absolute favourite podcast is Can I Pet Your Dog? on the Maximum Fun network. It's a weekly podcast hosted by Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston.

They talk about dog news, dogs they met that week, and training problems with their own dogs (Tugboat and Crumb!) Most weeks they have guests stop by - usually celebrities in their own right - to talk about their dogs. They visit different dog-related events in and around Los Angeles and report back. Renee is also a dog sitter, and her stories of the shenanigans she gets up to with strangers' dogs will keep you laughing all day.

They also have a segment each week called My Mutt Minute where a listener submits a one minute recording telling the audience all about their dog. Take a listen to the August 20th, 2019 episode - that's me and my puppers on My Mutt Minute! I'm famous now, right?

Can I Pet Your Dog? (affectionately called CIPYD) also has a Twitter account (@CIPYDPodcast) and an Instagram account (@cipyd) you can follow.

On Facebook, there is a private user group called Can I Pet Your Dog? (obviously) that anyone is free to join. There are over 10,000 members talking about their dogs and sharing photos and support. Check it out!

Okay, enough cheerleading for CIPYD. If you're interested in some other dog-related podcasts, you might want to try:

The Bad Dog Agility Podcast

Dog Save the People

No Bad Dogs Podcast

Why Are You A Dog?

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