Thursday, December 19, 2019

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for the Dog Lover

By now you have all of your gifts purchased and wrapped, right? Right? Me, neither.

If you're still looking for a few last minute stocking stuffers for the dog lover on your list, maybe one of the following will fit the bill.

dog socks

Funky dog socks to give your feet a thrill and make others take notice. Isn't it cute the way the ears stick up above the sock edge?

you are my sunshine dog keychain

How about a sweet puppy-faced keychain that sends a message to the owner and to their puppy?

my dog thinks i'm cool t shirt

When the world thinks you're just a little strange, this t shirt reminds you that at least your dog thinks you're cool. And really, that's all that matters.

a dog's guide to humans paperback

Every dog will thank you if you buy this book for their owner, "A Dog's Guide to Humans", by Karen Davison. The dog in the book shares tips on how to get the best out of your human, as well as explanations for some of humans' strange behaviour.

Life is better with a dog cushion

This cushion cover (break down and buy them a cushion too) is a fun addition to any house's decor. Especially one already adorned with dog hair.


And if you're still looking for presents for the furry members of your family, check out these toys from PetSmart that are on my shopping list.

dinosaur 2 in 1 squeaker toy

This OMG! Surprise dinosaur toy is meant to be destroyed because on the inside...is another squeaky toy! Our Scarlett would love this. She'll sneak off with a toy (you'll never catch her playing with one in front of you) and all you'll find is a carcass and a pile of fluff. This guy is 19 inches tall - much bigger than I expected.

dinosaur treat dispenser toy

Another dinosaur (not intentional), but this one  - the Petstages Occupi Dino - dispenses treats from his belly. Keep your dog occupied while you take a break from the hustle and bustle. It also comes with a bag of sweet potato treats to get you started.

squeaker rope toy ring

This seems like a simple Top Paw Holiday Rope Ring, but it also has squeakers inside. I like how the material is woven instead of only twisted like some rope toys, and there is no end - so they have to work a little harder on it. It also comes in the standard straight rope, or rope with 3 knots. Update: I bought this and it's much bigger than it looks! Hopefully it'll last a good long time. (And it's on sale right now!)

dog union suit pajamas pjs

Everyone wants new jammies for Christmas morning. These Beaver Canoe red union suit-style pjs are super adorable, and come in 7 sizes!

Hopefully you'll have your shopping done soon and you can sit back and relax with your loved ones (furry and otherwise). I know I can't wait to watch Sasha open all the gifts. That's right, she gets to open them all and it's the best part of Christmas for me.

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