Barb - main blogger and obsessed dog mom

I grew up with dogs - in one of my earliest photos I'm sitting beside our Saint Bernard; I'm a wee little thing looking up in awe at this towering giant. I also remember having a Beagle named Poogie and a Lab mix named Ebony. I liked them well enough when they were around, but I didn't seek them out.

It wasn't until I was living on my own in my 20s that I started to feel the pull toward dogs and the need to have them in my life full-time. My first dog as an adult was a Rottweiler named Bailey. Bailey introduced me to the wonderfulness of Rottweilers, and to this day they are still my favourite breed.

Tom - supportive husband and dog lover

I never thought I'd meet someone who loves dogs as much as I do. It's a good thing, since my dog and I are an unbreakable team! Tom grew up with dogs too - Labs, German Shepherds, and Chows mostly. We're both Team Big Dog.

Chloe - 14 year old Mastiff-Rottweiler Mix

Chloe is our resident old lady. She just turned 14, and other than some weakness in her back legs is still going strong. She accepts no nonsense from the younger dogs and will put them in their places when they get out of line. Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyeliner?

Sasha - 9 year old Rottweiler

Sasha is our court jester - always ready to make you laugh. She still acts like a puppy and is up for any adventure. Her favourite thing to do is go bike riding with Tom on the trails near our house. This girl can run! She's also a big baby though; she will take every opportunity to snuggle with you - on the bed, on the couch, or on the floor - it's all good in her mind.

Scarlett - 3 year old Potcake

Side note: a Potcake is a mixed-breed dog mainly found in the Caribbean. They're called "potcakes" as they were traditionally fed the leftovers from the bottom of the pot - usually overcooked rice and peas.

We adopted Scarlett from PAAWS Rescue in Antigua in 2018. When Chloe started to get too old to play with Sasha anymore we began looking around for another dog. We had met Scarlett the year before when on vacation and thought she'd be a perfect playmate. It turns out that she's only outgoing when she's on a leash (how we met her) and is actually very timid. However, she and Sasha are best buds and do like to hang out on the bed together sharing quiet time.

Zac - 3 year old Potcake

Zac is our "bonus dog". When we inquired into adopting Scarlett, the shelter asked if we would also be interested in Zac as the two were kennel mates and had always lived together. We had met Zac the previous year when we met Scarlett and thought he was a sweetheart too, so we went for it.

It turns out that he is a bundle of energy and the complete opposite of Scarlett. But he and Sasha play together so that part of the plan worked out. He only has two settings - on and off - and when it's "off" he collapses and snuggles in for the night. He truly is a lovey.

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